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shooting “it’s such a beautiful day”

this is the 35mm camera i’ve shot just about everything on since 1999.  i think it dates back to the late 1940s.   it was a workhorse camera in burbank for 50 years and i believe shot at least part of the charlie brown christmas special.


here’s whats new today:

1. if you are an asshole to other artists i will personally shit in your cereal 


H.R. Giger died… I’m heartbroken, that man was my idol, I had dreams of meeting him someday, and just try to get a little peek into that dark world he visited.

dont get why it gets that delay… although that shaking red thing is actually there, i could never get rid of it.and the quality of this video is awful lol the actual file is pretty big.  The other thing I liked making in intro to maya.  After this project, it was all downhill.

i dunno why this convered all weird lol it doesn’t have delay, anyway, i took maya and i hated it but i made some stuff that I ended up liking it lol

I don’t know why these things are always framed as a big dumb cage match: Hand-drawn versus computers, film versus digital. We have over 100 years now of amazing film technology to play with, I don’t understand why any artists would want to throw any of their tools out of the box. Many people assume that because I shoot on film and animate on paper I must be doing things the hard way, when in fact my last four movies would have been visually impossible to produce digitally. The only thing that matters is what actually winds up on the big screen, not how you got it there. You could make a cartoon in crayons about a red square that falls in unrequited love with a blue circle, and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house if you know how to tell a story.

—Don Hertzfeldt

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TMNT fanart I drew when I was 5 years old.

reblogging from my other blog.  tmnt fanart i did when i was 5 years old.

another storyboard assignment.  we were told to find a poem and draw something out of it.  i chose “piececitos” by gabriela mistral.